RFID Desktop
RFID Desktop
RFID Desktop
RFID Desktop
RFID Desktop
RFID Desktop
RFID Desktop
RFID Desktop
RFID Desktop
RFID Desktop
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  • Flexible encoding of RFID tag by users is required sometimes. RFID Desktop Encoder is developed by Pinguan to meet such need. Mainly used in tobacco logistics, access control management, production process control, anti-counterfeiting. It is a short to medium-range UHF encoding device using Impinj R500 chip and circular polarization antenna. Applicable for RFID tag encoding, checking, modification and performance test. Having the advantages of high receiving sensitivity and reading speed, multi protocol compatibility, low working current, USB power supply, etc.

  • Able to read and write tag data of EPC and User zones.

  • Support batch reading of tags.

  • Reading range up to 10cm with adjustable power design.

  • Realtime working status feedback.

  • Multiple communication methods of RS485, RS232, USB with a single physical interface.

  • Name : RFID Desktop Encoder
  • Dimensions : 20×78×20 mm
  • Waterproof : IP53
  • Storage Temperature :-20℃~65℃
  • MOdel :PG-RD-IM01
  • Cover:ABS
  • Now were up in the big leagues getting turn
  • Working Temperature : -10℃~55℃
  • Color :Orange and black
  • Frequency : 840-960MHZ (customized)
  • Antenna :Right circular polarized antenna(3dBi)
  • Reading Range : ≦150cm
  • Working humidity : 5%~95%,non-condensing
  • Interface : RS485 / RS232 / USB
  • Protocol :EPC C1G2/ISO18000-6C
  • RF Power : 5-23dBm Continuously adjustable
  • Indication : LED、Buzzer
  • Working Voltage : 5V
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